Inaugural Episode Sponsorship -

Inaugural Episode Sponsorship

Logo-SubscribeMe-200x200Your free report is on its way to your inbox. Thank you for subscribing. Now before you go… is my first-ever podcast. It is a dream come true for me, something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager (when I used to listen-to and trip on talk shows). And I’m super-excited about my new show, and all the work that I have put into it!

What The Show Is About

SubscribeMe is a new podcast about creating a successful, long-term, stable business using recurring subscriptions and membership sites. It is a show about how to stop selling just 1-time products, and design a business that can generate recurring revenue.

In the show, I will talk about the making, marketing and monetizing of membership sites, subscriptions, WordPress, e-Commerce, Video and Audio delivery, and creating, delivering and promoting an online course, and lots more – all related to creating and running an online business.

SubscribeMe will be available on iTunes and Stitcher/SoundCloud when the first episode goes on the air, on September 25th.

Why You Should Advertise On The Show

I’m going all out to promote my new podcast. A large number of people on my email lists and my social networks will hear about this, and many will be listening to the first episode (at the very least). If you advertise on this episode, your ad can get massive exposure, thanks to the curiosity, hype and intrigue surrounding my first-ever podcast!

Ad Details

If you win the Inaugural Ad Auction, then you get 2 Ad spots, both on the inaugural episode:

1) a 15-second Pre-Roll (towards the beginning of the inaugural episode).

2) A 60-second Mid-roll (towards the midway point of the inaugural).

3) BONUS: Links to your site and mentions on all my Social Networks (the show’s Facebook page, Twitter account, my own personal Facebook & Twitter accounts, etc)

4) DOUBLE-BONUS: Since you will be the “First-ever Auction Winner of the first-ever Ad on the first-ever Podcast by a first-time-ever Podcaster“, there’s an awesome story built-in right there in that title. That means, I can – and will – talk about you in more circumstances, giving your ad more mileage. So you’re not just an advertiser. Your story will become part of my story.

So you get both ads to promote your product, service or brand. Or even just build a list.

I will personally read all 75-seconds of your ad copy, in my own voice. I’m going to be super excited that you are supporting my show, and I will make sure that excitement and gratitude comes across in the reading. You provide the text for the ad, including your web site URL, coupon code, etc.

Long-Term Benefit

The cool thing here is that your ad will be heard by my listeners not only during this initial launch, but also for months and years to come. The podcast episodes are going to live on iTunes, Stitcher, soon-to-be-added SoundCloud, and also on this very web site. So over a period of time, many will be listening to the first episode months and years from now. Which means, your ad keeps getting exposure for a very long time to come. So when you calculate ROI, make sure you are thinking of all the thousands, and possibly tens of thousands of listeners who will hear your ad over an extended period of time.

What Happens After You Win The Auction

Once you win the auction and complete the payment, I will personally get in touch with you and work with you to design your ad.

There can be – and there will be – only one Inaugural Episode… ever!

The anticipation and intrigue will be at its highest for this first episode. So if you are serious about getting your ad heard by the maximum number of listeners, including future listeners of the episode,  then there’s absolutely no time to waste.

The auction starts on September 12th …. ends on September 18th.

The podcast goes live on iTunes and Sticher/SoundCloud on September 25th, 2015.

– Ravi Jayagopal
Co-Founder & Co-Developer
Membership Platform for WordPress

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