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The 3 C's of Online Success
Content, Coaching & Community

1. Content (Brilliant-5 vs. Blah-95)

"Oh no, not more content!", you might be thinking.

But the Digital Creators Academy is like nothing you've ever encountered.

What you find in a lot of online content and training these days, is there's a lot more of the "What", but not the "How".

It's like a college basketball coach barking "Play with more energy! Be unselfish! Pass the ball".

Ok, all that is well and good. Those are obvious things, and even someone who has never played or coached a single game can come up with those phrases.

But the best of them will actually break down the game, teach the players the exact things they should be doing on the floor, the specific "plays", where to move to when they're on the court, how to get to their comfortable spots on the floor, what is wrong with their shooting technique... all very specific things to help the players.

My Brilliant-5, Blah-95" rule

With Google's help, anyone can be an expert these days. 10 minutes of Googling will give you all the "information" you need to put together a blog post, or a Facebook post, or a PDF report. That's what I call the "Blah 95" - basically, 95% of such lists are usually filled with "blah" stuff. 

But when you have been-there, done-that (like me), and you're able to extract the best information from what you know, explain what to do, what NOT to do, and more specifically, HOW to do it, and also throw in the WHY, that's how the "Brilliant 5%" is born.

The "Nitty-Gritty"

No fluff. No "high-level" stuff. Everything broken down to the nitty-gritty. All of the details.

Those are the kinds of things you will learn in Digital Creators Academy.

Not the same-ol, same-ol blah, but stuff that no one is talking about, or teaching, or testing, or training others in.

2. Coaching

Everybody needs help. No doubting that.

But take anything that people are trying to learn today...

How to deliver Audio, Video, Text or PDF via your web site, how to launch, grow and monetize a Podcast, how to start a Membership Site or Online Course, how to accept payments, which payment processors to use, what features do you need from your online tools, how to be more productive, how to use automation tools, how to hire help online, how to maximize your money to get the biggest bang for your buck...

There is so much "information" online, that information-overwhelm is probably the biggest challenge that most people are facing today.

So many "experts" in your Facebook feed, so many Facebook groups, so may "Influencers", so many Webinars and Seminars and Meetups and Facebook Live videos and Podcasts and Email Newsletters, and on and on and on.

The barrage of information never stops. There's no way to know if those folks actually know what they're talking about. You just see a lot of "marketers" just creating white-noise online, posting "Tell us how you feel using just a GIF", or "Tell me your favorite scary movie" or "Guess which band's concert I've never been to" and just complete junk like that. Sure, those will get a lot of comments. But do you really think those likes and comments will turn into dollars?

I honestly can't remember the names of any of those people posting junk posts. I don't know their names, I don't know what they do, just that some people post cute-and-clever-and-funny stuff all the time. Guess what? They're never getting my email or my attention or my dollars, because they've not provided me with any value other than clutter my feed!

You need help. Everybody needs help.

The only thing that remains to be answered, is this...

Are you willing to invest in a coach?

A mentor?

Someone who has been there and done that, and won't force square solutions on your round problems when it comes to your specific, unique challenges?

Someone who can give you the recommendations, advice and solutions that you need for your specific problems and challenges?

3. Community

You may have heard people say this: Entrepreneurship can be the loneliest job in the world.

It's not just because you don't go to an actual office where there are other people working, and you get to pass people in the hallway, or bump into folks in the elevator, or going to lunch in a group, or gathering at the proverbial "water-cooler" and talking about the previous night's ball game or episode of popular TV show.

It's a lonely job because it is very hard to find and meet people who are traveling down the same path as you are, going through the same types of challenges as you are, trying to solve the same kinds of problems that you are.

Going to a live, in-person seminar, or downloading a tutorial, or going to a meeting, all of that is fine. But you are trying to get results, not simply looking for someone to have a drink with and talk about how many followers they have on Instagram.

You want "perspective". You want to hear about other people's "results". About their "mistakes". What worked for them, and more importantly, what did not work for them. So you can learn from their mistakes. And be inspired by their success.


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About Ravi Jayagopal

I'm the Co-founder & Co-developer of (DAP)a membership plugin & content delivery platform for WordPress. I published my first web site in 1997.

I am the host of SubscribeMe.fma podcast where I talk about Making, Marketing and Monetizing Digital Content. And the host of another show at, where I share Business, Tech, Mind and Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Digital Creators.

I am a Speaker, e-Business Coach, author of 5 books, and creator and developer of several WordPress Plugins & Online Services. See all of them under the "Products" section of the main page.

I am the creator of, a pretty-and-powerful Podcast Player for WordPress. I have coached thousands of clients, mentored them and helped them create a profitable online business using digital products, membership sites and recurring subscription-based products and services.

With my 21+ years of experience selling digital products online, I analyze and break-down how my clients - who are made up of digital creators & netrepreneurs (a small play on the word entrepreneurs :-) - struggle with monetizing their digital content, an issue that affects all content creators. I help them identify their challenges, and help them create a solution tailor-made for their specific needs. And that is why I created the Digital Creators Academy to provide Content, Coaching & Community to help you take your online business to the next level.

Digital Creators Academy

Content, Coaching, Community


  • How to Create, Monetize & Deliver Premium Audio Content Using Your Own Membership Site ($99)
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  • No Business Like E-Business eBook ($3)
  • WordPress Website Migration Tutorial ($29)
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    My Podcast Movement 2018 Presentation (in full, unedited)
  • Alexa Flash Briefing Kindle Book ($3)
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    1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Ravi: 2 Per Year* (a $350 value - for free)
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Inner Circle

  • Everything in Silver
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  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls: 7 Per Year* (in total - a $1225 value)
  • 2 free tickets to all in-person meetups and events.
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    Free "#DigitalCreator" T-shirt (or equivalent) shipped to you for free
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* Call duration: 1/2 hour.
- WIP: Work in Progress
- +: Coming Soon

- Cancel your subscription at any time.
- You can use the calls for pretty much anything (other than make me clean my home-office! :-) - like coaching, consulting, training, showing you how to set up your podcast, or learn more about your RSS feed, or how to set up PowerPress, or Amazon S3, or create Videos, etc. Pretty much anything covered in the courses - as well as something that's not covered in the course, as long as it's something I know about (so you can't ask me about Horse Riding, but you can ask me about how to use to create and market an online training program for Horses-owners :-)

- No. of 1/2 hour calls: Gold: 2, Platinum: 5, Inner Circle: 7.
- Plugins are for use on sites solely owned by a single person/business. May not be used on client sites, partner sites, JV sites, organization sites, etc.
- None of the content may be shared with third-parties. For use by buyer only.
**Possibly be interviewed on my show applies only if I know-, like- and trust you to bring value to my audience, and your message, products and services are a good match for my listeners, and will help them.



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