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I've been selling online since 1997. And I've created - and sold - a wide range of products and services: Information products, Desktop Software, WordPress Plugins, Membership Sites, Online Courses, E-books, Real Books, Kindle books, Audiobooks, Premium Podcasts, T-Shirts, Agency Services (Marketing, SEO, Website & Membership Site setup), Webinars, Local Meetups, Consulting and Coaching.

And wherever you are in your business journey, I can help you take it to the next level as your Business Coach.

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(Book) Krush it With Kindle: The Abso-Frickin-Lutely Fastest way To Plan, Write & Publish a Kindle Book

(ONLINE COURSE) 1001 True Fans: Small Audience, Big Impact: How to Become a Respected, Trusted & Beloved Expert and Build Your Tribe of 1,000 True Fans - Even If You’re Starting with an Audience of Zero Followers, Zero Fans, Zero List and Zero Customers

(ONLINE COURSE) How to Build Trust, Respect & Influence and Reach New Audiences Using Live Streaming, Video, Audio and Repurposing Content on Multiple Social Media Platforms

(ONLINE COURSE) How to Create, Deliver & Monetize Premium Audio Content and Deliver it as 1) Player on a Page 2) Downloadable MP3, 3) Premium Podcast 4) Mobile App (DAP)

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I coined two new words to describe revenue models: DOGPOO and DOSAA.

Nope, not referring to the Asian-Indian, mouth-watering dish Dosa - nor am I referring to actual dog doo-doo either :-)

“Do Once, Get Paid Only Once”.

DOSAA: “Do Once, Sell Again and Again”.

Creating something once and being able to sell it over and over again - like an Online Video Course, Software or a Report – is way more profitable, productive and fun than simply putting a lot of your time and effort into something that is done just once where you get to benefit from it just once.

And that's what my entire podcast is dedicated to: Creating digital products that you can sell "again and again".