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JAM 15-Day Video Repurposing Challenge

In the video above, I walk you through my social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

And I show you what's been working (and not working) for me, and you'll see what got me excited enough to start this challenge.

In the "JAM 15-Day Video Repurposing Challenge" that starts next week - Monday, August 22nd - we'll be creating 15 One-Minute videos over 3 weeks (skipping weekends).

(JAM= Just A Minute)

1 Video a day, 5 videos a week (takes about 10-15 minutes per video).

You can even batch create a few (or all 5 for the week) in one sitting.

We'll then repurpose that into 7 pieces of content for 7 different platforms.

1 Video, 7 Platforms.

=> TikTok (video)
=> Facebook Reels (video)
=> Instagram Reels (video)
=> YouTube Shorts (video)
=> Twitter (video + text)
=> LinkedIn (video + text)
=> Blog Post (video + text).

It's my classic DOPE: Do Once, Publish Everywhere model.

With very little extra work.

We'll track how your content performs: Views, engagement, new followers, etc.

It will help you get out of your comfort zone, create new content, and try a cool new thing.

I'll show you...

  • How to brainstorm your content
  • How to break it down into bite-sized 60-second content
  • The awesome free tool I'm using to manage the whole thing
  • Tips and tricks to grab the attention of your viewer within the first 3 seconds
  • Which phone app I use to edit my videos super-fast (no need to have any prior editing skills)
  • How I do the actual editing
  • A Google Sheet template to track your results
  • How to structure your video
  • How to record yourself without worrying about outtakes
  • I'll even follow you on all of the platforms (and hopefully so will others in the Challenge)

Basically, I'll show you the whole thing - start to finish.

And let us all grow our audiences together during this challenge.

You can sign up for the JAM Challenge at SubscribeMe.fm/jam


- Ravi Jayagopal
Co-Founder, DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP)

Podcast Host, SubscribeMe.fm

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