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Who Would Rather Not Spend $,$$$ on a SEO Agency

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Who Would Rather Not Spend $,$$$ on a SEO Agency

Check out the screenshot above that shows the Referring DomainsReferring Pages, and Domain Rating for one of my websites.

See that spike in all of those numbers around Jan 2020?

Can you guess what I had started doing a few months earlier (the last few months of 2019) that caused my website's Referring Domains, Referring Pages, and Domain Rating to all massively shoot up?

Oh, and also get this: Thanks to that huge spike, my product sales also shot up by over a whopping 3,000% as well - all because my site was being found more - not just by Google, but by someone even more important than Google: My potential buyers.

Ok, here is my little secret: It is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Wait! Before you groan and moan... no, it's not what you think.

This is NOTHING like what just popped into your head when I said "SEO".

What You Probably Thought of When I Said "SEO"

Your eyes probably glazed over thinking of... 

  • all the highly technical and complicated stuff you have to learn
  • expensive tools to buy
  • the steep learning curve of figuring them out
  • how much crazy work it's all going to be
  • how long you'll have to wait - like a year or more - to see results
  • how you probably don't have that much time or money to get results
  • the relentless content creation
  • endless guest article pitching and writing
  • dealing with agencies that want to charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month
  • only to end up creating content spam
  • linking to your site from black-hat link farms and shady sites
  • risking being banned by Google and completely losing your business!

But this is none of that.

Side Door SEO and Roundabout Rankings is like nothing you've ever seen before.

Why SEO is More Critical Than Ever in 2022 and Beyond

We Product owners and Content creators have enjoyed the greatest run for the last 10+ years when it comes to driving paid traffic to our offers.

Right from the get-go, social media platforms were collecting ungodly amounts of data on their users - learning from the content they were posting, what they were liking, which content they were hitting the "share" button on, what details they were sharing about themselves, their preferences, likes, dislikes, ailments, ups and downs, daily events in their life, right down to the food they were eating and the movies they were watching and the medications they were taking.

And all of that data made it so incredibly easy for marketers to create ridiculously targeted audience profiles to show our ads to.

Heck, at one point, Facebook used to allow the uploading of specific User Id's of people on Facebook (I don't mean their login user names - I mean their specific long-numbered unique id given to them by Facebook when they signed up) and show your ads only to that list.

There used to be desktop software available (now banned) that could log in as you to Facebook, scrape all the User ID's of your friends, and give you a CSV list. You could also get someone's Facebook id by viewing their profile and digging through the page source for it. 

In barely a few minutes, you could create a list of highly targeted, hand-picked list of people that you knew by name, that you wished to present your ad to - like your competitors, people you were a fan of, people you wanted to be your affiliates, people who you thought would be a perfect fit for your products and services. Then get their ids, put that in a file, upload that to Facebook and then show ads to an audience of 1 or 100 or 1000 hand-picked list of people.

Oh, the good ol' days of out-of-control privacy violations lol :-)

A lot of that intrusive targeting is now gone (thankfully, for many reasons).

Most of the targeting options and data collection and tracking pixels and retargeting opportunities have taken a huge hit (and rightfully so), with all of the stricter data security and privacy changes being implemented across all devices and platforms by companies. E.g., GDPR, CCPA, Apple's "Don't track me across apps" policy, as well as popular web browsers like Firefox which allow you to disable all tracking cookies more easily than ever before).

All of that has resulted in making it nearly impossible to present your ads to a highly targeted audience via social media advertising. You can't even re-target a simple and basic audience of people who've visited your website anymore! And no more reminding people who left your checkout without finishing the purchase.

And that's where Google has now become a critical part of the traffic puzzle, both in terms of organic as well as paid search ad traffic.

SEO is now arguably the most powerful AND the least expensive* (hold that thought) form of traffic there is.

It is the most powerful because a link to your website is being shown to people who have actually searched for something related to what you have to offer, and have expressed interest in that topic. It's not like them being in a completely different frame of mind, generally chilling on social media, and then unexpectedly being hit with your ad about your video course about making money with Crypto Currencies, when all they wanted to watch was funny videos with dogs and comedians.

That level of in-context discovery of your website by your target audience and potential buyers is not possible on any other platform other than via search engines - which is pretty much Google at this point.

Search engine rankings are also arguably the least expensive, as social media advertising costs continue to go up, and their effectiveness in targeting the right people continues to go down.

It is now a lot more expensive to present an ad to the right people without having to spray-and-pray first, and waste a whole bunch of money getting through to a lot of the wrong people before you can reach your target audience. And even then, there's still no guarantee of a click-through or a conversion, because they were likely not in a "research" mindset on the social platform.

And that's why the need for SEO has skyrocketed like never before.

While SEO is certainly not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy, it still has a more long-term impact when it comes to money spent vs. results gained.

It is no longer practical to ignore SEO as a key component of your traffic generation strategy.

So we're back to what you probably think about SEO right now:

Strenuous, complicated, time-consuming, expensive, and slow. 

However, now there's a better way.

What is Side Door SEO?

This new strategy I've created follows a highly efficient, laser-focused, explosively powerful set of tactics, that can be used to put your product or service in front of your prospective customers. I call it...

"Side Door SEO & Roundabout Rankings: Practical SEO for Entrepreneurs and Digital Creators."

* None of the same-ol' same-ol' that you might think of when you hear "SEO".

* No more having to wait for a year or more to see results.

* No gaming or tricking Google.

* No paid tools - nope, not even one! Just a couple of free tools.

* You can do this yourself - for as little as 10 minutes a day, or as many as 10 hours a day.

* Or you can outsource this entirely by sharing this training with your staff.

* No link farms or shady black-hat stuff that will risk your website getting banned.

* No endless writing of guest articles.

* No need to spend thousands on an SEO agency, or buy expensive tools for hundreds of dollars a month.

* No software to buy or spend hours learning and setting up.

* No need to create an expensive software product or create expensive infographics just to get backlinks.

This system is so simple yet so incredibly powerful, that you'll be absolutely stunned by the amazing results when you implement it.

And you'll be blown away that NO ONE else on planet earth is teaching (or maybe even knows) the core strategy and the underlying tactics that this course is based on.

Even Works on Other Search Engines

My strategy works so well, that even this brand new search engine that I had no idea even existed until a couple of days ago, was already listing my website at #1 for a very competitive set of keywords in my niche. And my website ranks in the top 3 for most other important keywords as well! Talk about leverage! That's like getting your product listing to the top of Amazon, and finding out that it now also ranks highly on eBay and other marketplaces as well!

( Top Listing for S3MediaVault) Top Listing for S3MediaVault
(Microsoft's Double Listing)
Side Door SEO Is Not Just About Google

It's primarily about your customers finding you.

As you can see from the first screenshot above, Side Door SEO skyrocketed the number of incoming links from other domains, my domain ranking, my traffic, the number of my potential customers finding out about me, all of which led to the most important stat: skyrocketing sales - increased by over 3,000%.

So Side Door SEO is NOT about tricking Google.

It's about showing up where your customers are looking for the products and services that you're offering.

And bring you paying customers and increase your sales.

And no other SEO course on the planet is even teaching this. And no other SEO course will get straight to the heart of the strategy like Side Door SEO.

Crazy $2,999 Side Story

A few months ago, I got a new Business Coaching Client who paid $2,999 for my 1 year coaching program. And during our first meeting, when I asked him how he found me and what led him to sign up for my coaching program without as much as sending me an email first with any questions, he said that he had been searching for a product closely related to S3MediaVault for his own client.

And during many of his searches for different keywords, he kept running into my answers on the web. He was impressed not only about my domain knowledge, but just the repeated exposure of my name and face and brand started off the "Know, Like, Trust" chain of events.

My answers led him to researching about me, then to my website, where he joined my newsletter, subscribed to my podcast,  etc. - and he eventually bought my highest-ticket item, my 1 year coaching program without ever having emailed me or spoken to me. Imagine the trust he had to have in order to pay nearly $3K without a prior relationship.

End Goal: Rankings CUSTOMERS

That's the power of Side Door SEO, because the biggest impact it will have is that it will help you show up where your future clients are already looking for products and services that you offer, and all they need is to know you exist and have a solution to their problem.

Of course, once they get to your website, that's a whole another story of converting them to a paying customer. I can help you with that too, but that's for another time (maybe consider my coaching program :-).

Side Door SEO is a highly scalable, duplicatable, followable, super-easy-to-understand, and super-simple to implement strategy and set of powerful tactics.

I have proof after proof after head-exploding amount of proof of how it has worked for me.

Obviously, to keep my lawyer happy, I have to say that I can't guarantee that it will work for you, but you already knew that.

You can do this yourself for as little as 10 minutes a day. Or if you want the fastest results, do this for a few hours a day.

If you have more time than money, you can do it all yourself with no extra help.

Or if you have more money than time, you can outsource it all to my agency as well.

ZERO technical knowledge is required.

If you know how to post something on Facebook, you can do this yourself.

And in this course, I walk you through everything on video, step-by-step, where you get to look over my shoulder, chockful of actual proof of my own jaw-dropping results.

And you also get a a detailed Mindmap that gives you the entire strategy broken down into easy-to-implement sub-tasks.

And you get a free 1-on-1 call with me as well, as a bonus for buying during this launch (details below).

Get Side Door SEO For Just $399 $299
- OR -
Get Side Door SEO For Free*
Along With 16 Video Courses, eBooks & Audiobooks
*with a Digital Creators Academy membership
which gives you access to ALL of my other
courses, audiobooks and eBooks.

FREE 1-on-1 Bonus Call (a $149 value)

As you go through the Side Door SEO training, make a list of all of your questions that you come up with.

Then schedule a free call with me where I'll answer all of your questions, concerns and ideas related to the course.

Just complete the training and email me (you'll get access to my personal email once you join), and I'll send you my calendar link, that you can use to choose a time slot that's convenient to you, no matter where you live in the world.

I'm offering you this private, 1-on-1 call, rather than a group call, because I want to address your specific concerns, while also giving you the privacy of asking questions specific to your website, sharing sensitive details about your website (like traffic, sales, audience numbers, etc.), and also prevent others from knowing your website details or your niche.

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