Recurring Revenue Rocks! -

Recurring Revenue Rocks!

Recurring Revenue Rocks!


Creating a product that can be repeatedly sold to a larger audience without too many changes, or custom mods, can change the game for you as a business owner.

A software product like (a membership plugin for WordPress that I co-founded and co-developed) can be sold over and over again to thousands of different customers without too many tweaks. If you design the software to be customizable, then each client can modify it to suit their needs without you having to write code for each one of them individually.

But it’s not just software that can be scaled.

Most intellectual property you create can be sold repeatedly – like a Video, Audio, How-to Article, Document, “Secret Sauce”, even Services.

In this podcast, we will focus not just on products that can be sold over and over again, but also on creating a business model where your customers pay over and over again for your products and services, even if some of the work has to be repeated by you.

The key to a long-term, profitable business is Subscriptions.

And there’s no easier way to sell subscriptions than through Membership Sites.

And that’s what the “Subscribe Me” Podcast is going to focus on…

“Membership Sites & Recurring Subscriptions