"Smart Passive Podcast on Fire"

Exactly what you should NOT be naming your show :-)

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    Personalized, 1-on-1 Podcast Coaching & Consulting
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    Cut-short the learning curve with the interactive calls with screen-sharing
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    Avoid all the Pitfalls, Mistakes & Myths
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    Leap ahead of everyone else by months, if not years

Fastest Way To Get Your Podcast From Zero-to-Hero

Podcasting is so dang hard...
So you should start one today!!

​Yes, Podcasting is hard. If someone tells you it's easy, then they're lying.

And what's more hard than churning out amazing content week after week, is the process of getting started.

A lot of people will get stuck in the "Launch" phase.

They freeze with overwhelm, indecision, fear or any combination of those, at the thought of having to make all of the following decisions:

  • What should I podcast about?
  • Which microphone should I use (most popular newbie question)?
  • Which podcast host?
  • Solo-show or Interview-show?
  • How long should the episodes be?
  • How often should I publish new episodes?
  • What is a Podcast RSS feed?
  • Where to host my feed? WordPress or podcast host?
  • Should I have a web site for my podcast?
  • What should be on my podcast web site?
  • What about show-notes? Should I transcribe the show?
  • What is New & Noteworthy?​​
  • Should I use an Audio player on my web site?
  • How many episodes should I launch my podcast with?
  • How to submit to iTunes?
  • Where else should I submit my podcast to?
  • How to promote my show during launch?
  • How to keep promoting my show?
  • How to build an audience?
  • How to grow my audience?
  • How to monetize my podcast?

Don't "Pre-fade" - where your podcast never even gets off the ground - due to paralysis by analysis.

Questions, Questions, Questions.
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

That should pretty much summarize your journey from start to launch and beyond.

You will have questions, decisions to make, followed by more questions that arise because of the decisions you just made.

You can join a few Facebook groups, and endlessly ask questions.

Or you can hire me as your Podcast Coach, and I'll help you get going the right way, the fastest possible way, avoiding all pitfalls and mistakes that can cost you a lot of time, money and heart-aches. And sometimes these will be irreversible, that you're better off NOT making some of those mistakes, because once you make them, fixing them will be near-impossible.

#1 Fan Building Tool

A Podcast is not a money-making tool. 

A Podcast is a Fan-building tool.

Money, Fame and Influence are a side-effect of creating those fans.

Podcast Coaching & Consulting
with Ravi Jayagopal



Zero to Hero!

  • Define your goals
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Choose a topic
  • Choose hardware
  • Choose software
  • Choose hosting
  • New & Noteworthy and other myths
  • Launching your Podcast
  • Growing your Podcast
  • Monetizing your Podcast
  • Free copy of "Podcasting Confessions" Audio Book & Kindle Book
  • 3 hours of Coaching & Consulting



"Growth & Monetization"

Everything in "Launch" plus the following:

  • Premium Podcasting
  • Audio Course
  • Audio Books
  • Audio as a Lead Magnet
  • Free copy of CoolCastPlayer.com ($97)
  • Free copy of S3MediaVault.com ($197)
  • Using PowerPress
  • Using Amazon S3
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Creating a membership site
  • Free copy of SubscribeMe.fm/book/
  • Email consultation for quick answers
  • 7 hours of Coaching


All Coaching calls will be done via GotoMeeting online meetings, which you can record to your own computer for later review. I will be sharing my screen, and helping you set up your podcast as we go through the calls. By the end of the calls, all items above will be completed as per the package you choose.

100%  Launch Guaranteed


About Ravi Jayagopal

I'm the Co-founder & Co-developer of DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP), a membership plugin & marketing platform for WordPress. launched my first web site in 1997, and I've been selling digital products online for the past 21 yearsI have coached, trained and mentored thousands of clients, and I've helped them create a profitable online business using digital products, membership sites and recurring subscriptions.

I am the host of "Subscribe Me", a podcast where I talk about making, marketing and monetizing digital content. I am also the author of a book about membership sites, by the same name.

I'm the creator of CoolCastPlayer.com, a pretty and powerful Podcast & Audio Player plugin for WordPress.

I am officially the "Coolest Geek On The Planet" (search Google for those words and you'll see :-).

I live in San Diego, California with my beautiful and brilliant wife Veena Prashanth, who is the Co-founder & Co-developer of DAP, two amazing and precious kids, and a male dog inexplicably named Vanilla!

Frequently Asked Questions

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