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Pirates Keep Out

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators

If you’re an Online Course Creator you probably have Audio, Video, PDF and other files like Mindmaps, Powerpoints, Docs, Zips, Images etc, in your courses or on your website.

If you use WordPress, the most important features you’re going to need from an WordPress Audio & Video player plugin, are the following:

  • Easy to use
  • Create secure videos that cannot be accessed by unauthorized users
  • So this plugin must allow you to create an actual Video Player (not just a link to your video)
  • Should have basic features like all player controls, splash image, ability to speed up the video
  • Create both Single Video players as well as Video Playlists * It must do both regular videos (aka “progressive downloads”) as well as Streaming videos
  • It must allow you to Transcribe your videos (that you can repurpose)
  • It must provide you with user stats as to which user has watched which videos for how long
  • Also create Audio players for your s3 audio files.
  • A bigger plus if the player is not ugly, like the standard WordPress player, and instead is really pretty and customizable
  • Biggest plus if it could also protect other regular files, like PDF, Zip, Doc, XLS, and even Images like JPG and PNG.

Yes, there’s a plugin that does all of this, and it’s arguably the #1 plugin for Amazon S3 and CloudFront, and can create secure S3 videos, supports both S3 and CloudFront, can do regular videos and streaming videos, supports Audio players, supports Video and Audio Playlists, can transcribe Audio and Video, can protect regular files, and most importantly, is now available for a one-time fee (no more subscription).

Features? Check.
Usability? Check.
Price? Check.
Support? Check.

If you are a digital creator, you create premium content, and you have a WordPress website, then S3MediaVault.com is the perfect plugin for you.


About the Author

Ravi Jayagopal is a Business Coach, 8-time Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, WordPress Developer and also an Amateur Ventriloquist :-). Read more about him at https://SubscribeMe.fm/ravi-jayagopal