Biggest Lessons Learned After Reading 300+ Emails From Prospective Coaching Clients

I just finished reading about 300+ emails from people who had applied to my Royalty-Free Business Coaching Program (which is sold-out by the way - and I'll talk about that in a sec.)

And I wanted to share some of the powerful lessons and insights I learned, that is guaranteed to help you in your own business, and in your own entrepreneurship and in your endeavors as a content creator. So I urge you to read this blog post in full.

Monetizing Content

Most people are really good at creating content, but they struggle at monetizing it: Getting one-time buyers, recurring-subscription members, coaching clients, customers for their service...

That's because most people - even you, including me - are natural-born artists... not marketers.

I've yet to meet  - on- or offline - one person who needs help with their main craft.

I know that you can wake up tomorrow morning, and without batting an eyelid, and without a single thought, go and do something that you're really good at. Something that puts you in your zone of genius. Whatever that thing is that makes you tick.

Yet, it's entirely possible that you're actually finding it hard to make a full-time - or even a part-time living - with all that knowledge swirling around in your head, all that passion, all that commitment, all that fire inside your belly.

Or maybe you are already making a living, but you want to do more than that.

That brings me to this next one...

Starving Artist, Failed Entrepreneur

When an artist fails to monetize their craft, they're called a "Starving" artist.

But when you and I fail at monetizing our content, we're labeled "Failed" entrepreneurs.

Do you know why? Because it's apparently socially acceptable for an "Artist" to not be good at promoting themselves, at marketing their talents, at making money with their skill.

But "Entrepreneurs"? We're expected to not only be experts in the main subject, but also be good at niche selection, validating our ideas, creating a product or service, writing magnetic copy, creating a sales page, building a list, creating lead magnets, know about driving traffic, and sales and conversions and split-testing and on and on... 

You get the idea. It is ridiculously unfair. But it is what it is.

And that is why, a whopping 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months. Because they couldn't make more money than they were spending. Because they couldn't get customers. Or make sales. Or couldn't sustain the sales month after month after month.

So if you're working IN your business, who's working ON your business?

What You Should NOT Do, is as Important as What You SHOULD Do

I want to tell you about 3 different times when I was able to help my clients by telling them what NOT to do.

a) A dollar saved is a dollar earned: I have this client in Canada. Let's call him "E". So E joined my coaching program about a year ago, with some massive ambitions: He has family-owned grocery stores. And he wanted to start a online food-prep and food-delivery service, where people can get both pre-cooked meals as well as pre-portioned, ready-to-cook meals.

His idea was that he already has a ton of foot-traffic into his stores. So he figured he had a built-in customer base.

So he came to me with some grand plans of building an online service with food-prep, cooking, and delivery all built into one massive service.

He was prepared to invest tens of thousands of dollars into it, and just wanted some technical guidance on how to pull of such a website.

Long story short, I worked with him to help him validate his idea - validate the market, the need for his service, how much of a demand there was for what he was offering, whether his in-store customers would sign up for such a service, how much would they pay for it.

In the end, he figured out that there was very little demand for it, his in-store customers were the wrong target audience, and going through all of the project validation and pricing and planning showed that it was going to be a much larger project than just investing, say $30K - something he was prepared to invest right away.

So I was able to show him that his project was not yet ready for him to pump in that much money. So I basically ended up saving him probably about $30K - at least $10K at the very low-end - with a couple of months of ground work, all of which he would've burned through quickly and would probably have had nothing to show for it​, if he hadn't chosen to work with me.


Processing emails once a day is not good for getting things done

3 Ways I Can Help You

Below are the 3 ways in which I can help you:

1) Next-Level Coaching: You pay for my Coaching. I'll work with you for a certain, fixed-number of hours and work with you to help you figure out ways to grow your business. You then go and execute them. I'll hold you accountable, for sure. But in the end, the results will be entirely up to how quickly and efficiently you execute. If you do nothing with what we talk about on the calls, and if you don't execute, then you won't grow. But the responsibility lies entirely with you.

2) Guaranteed-Results Coaching (aka "ESSENTIALLY FREE"): You pay for my Coaching. I'll work with you until you you've earned back what you paid me - and that's over and above what you're currently making from your business. So there are is no ceiling on how many hours of my time you get. I'll work with you and help you for however long as it takes for you to earn back what you paid me. A majority of the responsibility of helping you execute and holding you accountable, falls entirely on me. Which means, there will be milestones, deadlines and homework. If you want guaranteed results from me, I want guaranteed commitment and execution from you. Obviously, if you run into unforeseen issues, like health, family issues and the economy. I'll make exceptions for those. But laziness and procrastination are not allowed as an excuse.

If I asked you, on a scale of 1 to 10, tell me how badly you want to do well and get to the next level, and if you answered "11" (eleven), then this is the option for you. And seeing you this pumped would get me equally pumped up to be able to work with you.

3) Royalty-Based Coaching (aka "COMPETELY FREE"): You pay NOTHING for my Coaching upfront. There's ZERO cost to you to get started. All of the work I do with you is free. I will help you grow your business. And you pay me a royalty per sale going forward.

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