Krush it With Kindle: The Abso-Frickin-Lutely Fastest way To Plan, Write & Publish a Kindle Book

​Fastest Way to Plan, Write & Publish a Kindle Book

This book shows you the fastest way to think, plan, write and publish a Kindle eBook. 

Start to finish, there's simply no easier way to launching a Kindle eBook. And it walks you through all phases of writing a Kindle eBook: Zero fluff, using absolutely bare minimum tools, no need to be a technical wizard, exactly what you need to know, and makes the whole process simple, efficient and fast.

* Things to think about BEFORE you think about writing an eBook
* What is your book really about?
* Best way to Brainstorm ideas
* "Dream Book TOC" technique
* Coming up with Chapters & Sub-chapters
* What topics to write about
* How long should your Kindle eBook be
* Little-known facts about formatting
* Choosing a Title
* Templates for brainstorming title ideas
* Tools required for writing and publishing your Kindle eBook
* Simplest way to prepare your eBook for publishing
* ISBN and other details that you should know (but not care about)
* Turning your eBook into a real book for free
* What you should know if you want to sell your physical book in regular stores
* What are the ideal first pages and last pages
* How to incentivize your eBook readers to give you their email
* How to build an audience using your eBook
* Best ways to create your book cover
* Cover creation tools that are free and almost-free
* Super-powerful book cover tactic to get an expensive $1,300 cover designed by a talented graphic artist - for just $50
* Tips for getting the best out of your cover (yes, people will always judge a book by its cover)
* Previewing your Kindle eBook and seeing what it will look like to your readers on all devices
* How to fix formatting and other issues quickly with the least amount of time and effort
* Proof-reading tips
* A Step-by-step guide to Publishing your book on Amazon KDP, with detailed screenshots
* KDP Select: What is it and why you should (and when you should NOT) enroll your eBook
* Book Launch and Promotion tips
* Should you give away free copies of your book? How and when?
* Marketing your book to get the biggest bang for your buck
* Free promotion tips
* Paid promotion ideas

If you are a first-time author, you may be tempted into writing your greatest book ever and pack every single thing you know into one massive book that leaves no stone unturned, as your very first book. And that’s OK if that’s what you absolutely, passionately wish to do.

However, my recommendation would be to start with a quick win for your first book. Get something done, get it out there into the real world, see it go live on Amazon Kindle, share it with your friends, family and audience, and soak in the joy and attention that comes from being a first-time author. And that will give you immense motivation, excitement and momentum to write more books and share your message with the world.

And this book will show you the fastest, most-efficient way to publishing epic Kindle eBooks, which will help you get more exposure, build expertise, position yourself as a trusted expert, and reach and build your tribe of 1000 true fans.

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- Ravi Jayagopal
P.S: I used the same strategies and tactics that I talk about in this book, to write this book. Pretty "meta", right? :-)

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