How to Start a Podcast in 7 Hours -

How to Start a Podcast in 7 Hours

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators

Apr 19

I just published my 7th book, “How to Start a Podcast in 7 Hours: The Fastest way To Plan, Create, Publish and Launch a Podcast

What this book is about

Do you wish to create and launch a Podcast?

Wish someone gave you an easy-to-follow checklist of things to do, in the exact order, and you could just follow that list, keep checking check-boxes, and come out with a podcast on the other end?

Wish you had a simple system with specific recommendations for microphone, recording and editing software, where to submit your show to – something that quickly showed you what to do, instead of giving you 20 different options at every step, leaving you with more questions than answers?

Great! That’s EXACTLY what this book helps you do: It shows you How to Start a Podcast in 7 Hours: The Fastest way To Plan, Create, Publish and Launch a Podcast , from scratch, really fast.

If you’re like “Hmm, I wonder what a podcast is and whether I should start one?”, then this book is not for you.

But this book is perfect for you if you know what a podcast is, how powerful it is as a relationship-building and content marketing tool, and you’re just raring to go, wanting to dive right into the actual creation, publishing, and launching of a Podcast, and not waste time “preparing for the journey”, and would rather just “start your journey right now ”.

The Podcast Launch Checklist in the book gives you a list of questions to ask yourself – and hopefully, you answer honestly – before you even think about creating a podcast.

Many books and courses about Podcasting are like a bad superhero movie, where most of the movie is spent on the “setup” and the boring “back-story” of the hero, and forget to spend time on the actual action, characters and plot. This is not one of those books. This book is the very definition of “cutting to the chase” – you know, like the first scene of a James Bond movie.

2 Other Pieces of the Puzzle

This book addresses the biggest piece of the podcasting puzzle: Details of how to create-, publish- and launch a podcast.

But there’re 2 other components here:

1) A whole bunch of myths and untruths floating around in the podcasting space, which can greatly distract you and derail your show.

2) Promoting your podcast once it’s published: There’s a lot of bad advice online about this as well, and most things you read online only scratch the surface (“keep posting on social media” is one of those).

That is why I’ve written 2 other books about this, and you can get them both for free as a bonus (see the bonus section towards the beginning of this book).

i. i) Confessions of a Wannabe PodcaSTAR: The Biggest Podcasting Myths Busted – and the Shocking Truths about Podcasting I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Own Show

ii) Podcast Promotion Report: How to Promote Your Podcast, Reach New Listeners, Build Your Audience and Find Your 1000 True Fans

Both books are yours for free with your purchase of How to Start a Podcast in 7 Hours.

And I’m doing that because, on one hand, I don’t want you to have to buy 2 other books (even though it would be beneficial to me :-). But I also didn’t want to combine everything into one massive book which tries to be everything to everybody and ends up getting off-track from the main goal of helping you do one thing very well.

So I just decided to give them both away for free. Just forward the paid receipt for this Kindle book to me and those 2 Kindle books are also yours for free – in PDF form.


— Ravi Jayagopal
7-time Author and Podcaster


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