Do Once, Publish Everywhere

DOPE is... dope! :-)

DOPE: How to Build Trust, Respect & Influence and Reach New Audiences Using Live Streaming, Video, Audio and Repurposing Content on Multiple Social Media Platforms

I could’ve called this many names.

COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere.
COBE: Create Once, Be Everywhere.
DOBE: Do Once, Be Everywhere.

But somehow, DOPE sounds more… dope! :-)

Ain't Your Grandparent's Course About Repurposing

DOPE is a complete and comprehensive Online Course where I show you how you can create content just once, and then leverage that same content and publish it to multiple platforms.

This is the Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content... in 2019!

No, it's not the same-ol' same-ol' usual stuff that you've probably read in a hundred articles before.

This is about how to do it right - and right now!

"78% of (Facebook's) users are already watching live stream videos – and they spend 3x more time watching them, and comment more than 10x during live videos."

This is the age of Live Streaming and people watching Videos online like never before.

And content platforms are promoting Live Videos like never, ever before!

Live videos, notifications about live videos, replays of live videos, the engagement on live videos - all of those are at a record high!

When you look at my entire course and all of the possibilities, along with the 200-foot overview, as well as the hands-on execution training, I can almost guarantee you that you've probably never seen anything like this course before - complete with a Mindmap, Roadmap Flowchart and Step-by-Step Recipes to implement them.

Your potential audience – your future 1000 true fans – are hiding and lurking on a variety of platforms.

So if you’re getting started, or you just wish to grow your audience, it's a great idea that you try to push your content out to as many platforms as you reasonably can (keyword: reasonably), and see where you get the most traction.

And I’m going to show you how to do it without breaking the bank, without having to hire an expensive, specialized team of media creators (like the one that follows GaryVee around) - and without going crazy spending all of your time on social media.

DOPE includes a Mindmap, a Roadmap, an Ebook that has 13 Repurpose Recipes (more will be continually added), hours of Video Training, and Audio Recordings so you can listen at your own leisure without having to sit in front of a computer.

And as a member, you also get a special 25% discount to one of the most popular content repurposing tools (more coming soon).

"What if I don't Care About Live Streaming?"

No problem.

DOPE covers a variety of different platforms and media formats: Video, Audio & Text (Article/Blog/PDF/Kindle/Webinar etc).

If you don't wish to do Live Streaming, then there are plenty of other options for you.

It doesn't matter which media format you wish to use as the Source of DOPE.

You can start with a Facebook live, a YouTube live, a Podcast, an Audio Book or Audio Course, a Blog Post, a Kindle Book, and so on - you get the idea.

This course is not about any one platform or format - it shows you an entire world of options that are available to you, and also provides you with a "Repurpose Recipe" for those options.

Just pick any recipe that matches the platform and media format that suits your style the most, and go! That's it!

DOPE  Mindmap

What you see are just the main nodes of the DOPE Mindmap. In the course, I expand on each node, and give you a 200-foot overview of everything that's possible with all these platforms.

It's important to know the big picture, which will help when I later show you how to drill-down into the whole setup.

Repurpose RECIPES

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up different repurpose funnels.

13 Recipes at Launch. More will be added on an ongoing basis.

Just like with a cake, you can add layer upon layer gradually, to create your perfect Funnel (cake) and then eat it too :-)

DOPE  Roadmap

This is the Ultimate Repurpose Roadmap. 

Pick any source. Pick a destination. And GO!

You can start from any point in the middle - you don't have to start at any specific point. Pick any format, and any platform, and just follow that path to the end.

Want to do more? Then work backwards from that point at a later time.

The Power of Live Streaming

Here are some key facts and figures about Live Streaming and why it is so powerful - and so is video on demand (VOD).

• According to Facebook, 78% of their users are already watching live stream videos – and they spend 3x more time watching them, and comment more than 10x during live videos

• By 2021, live streaming is expected to grow to over $70 Billion.

• People are more likely to engage with, like and comment on live videos than regular uploads of pre-recorded videos

82% of viewers prefer live video to social media posts, and 80% prefer live video to reading a blog.

Viewers spend 8x longer with live video than on-demand

• Live video is outpacing the growth of other types of online video, with a 113% increase in ad growth yearly.

84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video.

• 70% of marketers claim video produces more conversions than any other content.


There are lots more such fascinating stats inside the course, which makes it impossible to ignore Live Streaming.

Power of Repurposing

Most of us are experts in our niche. We have great passion for our topics, and have put in a lot of time, study and effort into accumulating the knowledge and expertise that we have. And if you're one of us, then it also means you are capable of just rolling out of bed and creating great content.

But then, a lot creators end up pushing out the content to maybe just one or two platforms: If they create a Facebook live, they’ll publish it on maybe YouTube, and try to promote that link on social media – usually to their own “friends” (on their personal profile).

Some may take it to the next level and post Twitter or Instagram to their few followers.

And a very small percentage will embed the video on their website, and also email their list with a link to visit that page.

But that’s pretty much it!

What a waste of great content!

(Watch the cool GIF above that I created all my myself! :-)

What if you could create 50+ different variations of that same content, and publish it on multiple platforms in multiple different ways, using a whole bunch of automation, and some manual work, of course? (Don't forget - the manual work can be outsourced inexpensively as well.)

Imagine how much more reach that same content will have - without having to create any new content?

Just by publishing it on different platforms?

And automating it to a major extent so that you save time on the repurposing?

And part of creating a successful product, service, or digital content, is that you should try to spend at least as much time promoting it, as much as you spend creating it.

So if your content takes you 3 hours to create, you should ideally spend at least 3 hours promoting it.

And promoting it doesn't mean spamming your friends or posting your link in other Facebook groups that exist solely for the purpose of all podcasters sharing their podcasts. I call them Hit-and-Run posts, where everyone just posts their link and runs.

Sure, you might pick up a listener or two there if you're lucky, but you can't achieve real, sustainable growth by simply shouting inside an echo chamber, where everyone else is doing the same!

You have to reach new audiences. On different platforms. Because it's a numbers game.

The more people you reach, the more the chances that some of them will turn into listeners, some of those listeners will turn into fans, and some of those fans will turn into "true fans", and work with you, and buy from you. And they will tell others. And that's how you build your tribe of 1000 true fans, 1 fan at a time.

You don't have to do it all at once. You can add layer by layer to your marketing efforts.

And that's exactly what you'll learn in this video course, that also has an accompanying Ebook (PDF), and the audio of all of the videos, so you can listen at your own leisure, away from a computer.

DOPE: Do Once, Publish Everywhere

* Big-Picture Mindmap

* Roadmap Flowchart
Video Training
* Audio Recordings
* Step-by-Step Repurpose Recipes

* Members-only Discount on Tools

* More Recipes Added Every Month

* One-Time Payment
* Unlimited Access with all updates for a year
* You can continue to get access by signing up for Digital Creators Academy

FREE Bonus Course (a $99 value)

Introducing an INSANE new Free Bonus - my upcoming mini-course:

"Facebook Group Marketing Hack: How to Promote Your Products and Services to the Members of Someone Else's Facebook Group - But in a Legal, Ethical Way AND Have Everyone LOVE You For Doing It!"

(a $99 value - and it's yours for free as a bonus with your purchase of DOPE)

Imagine letting someone else do all the hard work of building an engaged Facebook Group, and then you just go in, BAM! .... Without spamming, without intruding, in a very cool way, with just one single post, provide awesome value, build goodwill, earn some respect, and then later show your Facebook live videos and other trust-and-expertise building content to those same members, via Facebook ads - for literally pennies - to everyone in that group that watched your content!

That's just crazy, right?!? This is so powerful, that it should be illegal. But it's not! It's totally ethical, legal, and has the full blessings of Facebook (at least for now). Who knows what will happen a year from now?

But this works right now, so take advantage of this while it's still possible, and build your audience quickly, before someone realizes that this is just too good and too powerful to be allowed in marketers like you and me!


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