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Audiobooks, ACX, Kindle to Paperback

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators , Kindle , Podcast , Video

Audiobooks, ACX, Kindle to Paperback

My first-ever video update for my email subscribers! In this video, I talk about...

  • The Audiobook version
  • How and why I'm creating it with Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) and Audible in mind,
  • What are the specifications for ACX audio files
  • What software I'm using to make my files meet the specs
  • The Free Kindle ISBN that Amazon gives you when you create a Paperback book via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP - used to be CreateSpace)
  • Don't use their free ISBN number - pay for one via Bowker
  • Why I changed the book cover of my latest book,

25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course and Digital Creators

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators , Podcast , Technology , Tools , Video

Do you have an Online Video Course? If yes, then don’t create another video before listening to this mini-series.

You probably have a membership site or online course, or maybe you want to start one. Either way, you’re going to probably have a bunch of Video, Audio and PDF’s in your online course.

In this mini-series, I’m going to share 25 tips on video creation and delivery.

11/23/20 by Ravi Jayagopal 25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course and Digital Creators - Part 1 - 102 11/23/20
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12/10/20 by Ravi Jayagopal Part 2: 25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course Creators and Membership Site Owners - 103 12/10/20
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01/23/21 by Ravi Jayagopal Part 3: 25 Video Tips For Video Course Creators and Premium Content Creators - 104 01/23/21
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Why You Should NEVER Host Video or Audio On Your Own Website

By Ravi Jayagopal | Audio , Digital Creators , Video

If you are digital marketer or digital products creator, then you are creating a bunch of Audio, Video, PDF and other kinds of files - like mindmaps, powerpoints, docs, zips, etc - for your content marketing, online courses, lead magnets and maybe just for SEO.

And I wrote about Why You Should NEVER Host Video or Audio On Your Own Website.

And no, Google Drive or Dropbox are not suitable for that either - they're for mostly one-off use, and not for mass-distribution, and their terms of service kinda make it a bad idea. I explain it all here.

The Greatest Free & Freemium Tools I Can’t/Won’t Live Without

By Ravi Jayagopal | Audio , Digital Creators , Free , Freemium , Podcasting , SEO , Tools , Video

I've been selling online since 1997. And in all of those years, I've tried and tested an insane number of tools, desktop software and apps and online services, as you can probably imagine. And today, it's just absolutely crazy to think that I depend on so many of these tools on a day-to-day basis, yet I've never had to pay for most of them. All of these are either completely free, and/or open source, or offer a free tier that I can pay to get additional features - basically a freemium (free + premium) service.

So here are some of the greatest free and freemium tools most of which I couldn't - and wouldn't want to - live without.

4 Tips For Better Audio

By Ravi Jayagopal | Audio , Video

4 tips for better Audio​

It's better to put just a little bit of thought and effort BEFORE you hit record, rather than try to fix bad audio in post-production. Remember "GIGO" - garbage in, garbage out. People will tolerate a little bit of poor lighting or slightly choppy video, but not many will tolerate bad audio.

If you showed people the video of a person using nails on a chalkboard, without the audio, they won't be too bothered by it. Then try playing the sound of nails on a chalkboard, and you'll see people cringe and go crazy. That's because audio can impact us more emotionally, than video. Which is why, podcasts are such a powerful way to build a deeper connection with your audience.

Watch the video for the 4 tips.