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25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course and Digital Creators

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators , Podcast , Technology , Tools , Video

Do you have an Online Video Course? If yes, then don’t create another video before listening to this mini-series.

You probably have a membership site or online course, or maybe you want to start one. Either way, you’re going to probably have a bunch of Video, Audio and PDF’s in your online course.

In this mini-series, I’m going to share 25 tips on video creation and delivery.

11/23/20 by Ravi Jayagopal 25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course and Digital Creators - Part 1 - 102 11/23/20
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12/10/20 by Ravi Jayagopal Part 2: 25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course Creators and Membership Site Owners - 103 12/10/20
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01/23/21 by Ravi Jayagopal Part 3: 25 Video Tips For Video Course Creators and Premium Content Creators - 104 01/23/21
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Best Web Hosting Options For Your WordPress Website

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators , Services , Technology , Tools

I've been building websites since 1995. And I've built hundreds of my own websites over the years. And over 100+ of them are WordPress websites.

And I've also created and launched several WordPress plugins, and my team and I have had to support those plugins, which means logging in to many of our users' websites.

And from all those years of experience with being a website owner, plugin developer and tech-support person, I can tell you that a majority of the web hosts that the average "influencer" peddles (on podcasts and blogs) are utter crap.

When it comes to hosting your website, I recommend only two hosting companies. If keeping your site(s) running practically all the time, and having insanely great support from your web host, are both important to you, then you go with a VPS server from one of the two hosting companies below.