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Feb 24

Why You Should NEVER Host Video or Audio On Your Own Website

By Ravi Jayagopal | Audio , Digital Creators , Video

If you are digital marketer or digital products creator, then you are creating a bunch of Audio, Video, PDF and other kinds of files - like mindmaps, powerpoints, docs, zips, etc - for your content marketing, online courses, lead magnets and maybe just for SEO.

And I wrote about Why You Should NEVER Host Video or Audio On Your Own Website.

And no, Google Drive or Dropbox are not suitable for that either - they're for mostly one-off use, and not for mass-distribution, and their terms of service kinda make it a bad idea. I explain it all here.

Feb 21

Podcasts: Edited or Unedited?

By Ravi Jayagopal | Audio , Digital Creators , Focus and Priorities , Know, Like, Trust , Podcasting , Productivity

Me listening to a podcast while at the dentist.

I saw this question asked on Facebook, so I wanted to address it here.

Question: "Do you prefer listening to a podcast that is is edited? Or nah?"

My Answer: For the most part, I prefer podcasts that are edited for umms and aahs and pauses. Now, there are shows which the conversations are just absolutely incredible (Bill Simmons, Tim Ferriss, Marketing Over Coffee), and it would actually do it injustice to edit the natural flow - so such shows are the exception. But those are far and few in-between.

Most regular "interview" shows can use all the editing they can, not just to improve the length of the show, but for improving the audio quality (sound leveling, cross-talk, etc), and to improve the show quality just by cutting out the completely unnecessary stuff - like "Can you hear me now?" pre-interview banter, "Hold on, my door bell just rang", "Sorry, my child is calling me, let me quickly check what it is", "Mind if I grab a quick drink of water?", type stuff which is not important to the show or to the listeners.

Some additional points:

Feb 18

Best Web Hosting Options For Your WordPress Website

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators , Services , Technology , Tools

I've been building websites since 1995. And I've built hundreds of my own websites over the years. And over 100+ of them are WordPress websites.

And I've also created and launched several WordPress plugins, and my team and I have had to support those plugins, which means logging in to many of our users' websites.

And from all those years of experience with being a website owner, plugin developer and tech-support person, I can tell you that a majority of the web hosts that the average "influencer" peddles (on podcasts and blogs) are utter crap.

When it comes to hosting your website, I recommend only two hosting companies. If keeping your site(s) running practically all the time, and having insanely great support from your web host, are both important to you, then you go with a VPS server from one of the two hosting companies below. 

Feb 17

Forum Software For Your Website

By Ravi Jayagopal | Community , Digital Creators , Facebook

If you haven't already checked out my podcast episode about whether you should start a Facebook Group or a Forum on your own website, you should definitely give it a listen before reading this post, as it will add a lot of context. You can do that via the player below as well.

PODCAST: Facebook Group or Forum? How to Create a Thriving Online Community That Will Be Around For The Next 5-, 15- or maybe even 50 years
03/15/2018 by Ravi Jayagopal Facebook Group or Forum (On Your Own Website)? 03/15/2018
00:00:00 00:00:00

PODCAST: Slack vs. Forum for Your 1000 True Fans and How I'm using Scarcity, Exclusivity and Urgency to Build My Online Community
11/27/2018 by Ravi Jayagopal Slack vs. Forum for Your 1000 True Fans and How I'm using Scarcity, Exclusivity and Urgency to Build My Online Community - Ep #78 11/27/2018
00:00:00 00:00:00

So when it comes to creating your own Forum on your own site, what are your options?

Here are your 3 primary options for forum software, in order of increasing complexity, but also increasing quality, features and benefits.

Feb 13

The Greatest Free & Freemium Tools I Can’t/Won’t Live Without

By Ravi Jayagopal | Audio , Digital Creators , Free , Freemium , Podcasting , SEO , Tools , Video

Laker fan at the park!

I've been selling online since 1998. And in all of those years, I've tried and tested an insane number of tools, desktop software and apps and online services, as you can probably imagine. And today, it's just absolutely crazy to think that I depend on so many of these tools on a day-to-day basis, yet I've never had to pay for most of them. All of these are either completely free, and/or open source, or offer a free tier that I can pay to get additional features - basically a freemium (free + premium) service.

So here are some of the greatest free and freemium tools most of which I couldn't - and wouldn't want to - live without.

Feb 13

The Email Newsletter “Problem”

By Ravi Jayagopal | Digital Creators , Email Marketing , Know, Like, Trust

See the big blank box in the screenshot above? That's supposed to be a massive image of something, in an email "newsletter" I received.

And it's missing because I deliberately turn off images in the email from automatically loading, because I don't want to be tracked, you know? They may be tracking a lot more than just open rates, and I'm not taking that chance.

Feb 12

Skyscraper Content for SEO

By Ravi Jayagopal | Blogging , Digital Creators , , SEO

Image above shows planning and brainstorming my article using a Mindmap - I do the same whether it's an online course, Kindle book, WordPress plugin, online business planning, product development or skyscraper post.

(Image above shows planning and brainstorming my article using a Mindmap - I do the same whether it's an online course, Kindle book, WordPress plugin, online business planning, product development or skyscraper post.)

I'm writing a Skyscraper post - basically a massive, all-in-one article at S3MediaVault It will be "all you ever wanted to know" type of post about files, delivery, storage, security, S3, CloudFront, etc. This post will also be released as a 30-50 page Kindle ebook. Then I will take snippets of it and post it on my other sites and link back to it.

Here's the most important thing: I am not waiting for the entire Skyscraper to be completed before publishing it. It's only complete 25% (at the moment), but it's up and running from when it was probably 5% complete. It's live and getting indexed and building up Google-juice. I've started linking to it from other sites to get the incoming-links going.

Here's the post...

How (and Why) to use Amazon S3 to Deliver Audio, Video and PDF on your WordPress website

In digital marketing - thanks to the sheer "digital" nature - there are a LOT of things that can be published WAY before it's "100%" complete, whether that's your online course, Kindle book, blog post, or even your podcast (yes, just launch with 1 single episode - don't listen to the clueless folks who ask you to record-and-release 5 or 8 episodes together).

So, don't waste time or energy trying to be a perfectionist.

Ship it quick, publish it fast, there's always the powerful "Edit" button.


- Ravi Jayagopal
Check out all of the Kindle books I've written

Feb 12

Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?

By Ravi Jayagopal | Alexa , Audio , Digital Creators , Kindle , Podcasting

“The Twitter of Audio”?

Take your pick — those are my maybe-lame nicknames for Alexa Flash Briefings 🙂

I launched my own Alexa Flash Briefing (AFB) - which you can listen via the player below - in August 2018. And here are some random thoughts and comments regarding my experience.

Do you have an Alexa Flash Briefing? If yes, what is it? If no, why not? Let me know in the comments below.

It’s a digital goldmine right now, ripe for the gold rush. Very much like Podcasting, but even more exclusive, as not too many know about it, and not too many will put in the effort to create one, even though it's super-easy.

Which of these would you rather compete with for attention?

5+ Billion YouTube Videos
1+ Billion Websites
850,000+ Podcasts
10,000+ Alexa Flash Briefings

(The numbers have been aggregated from various resources, many of them making their best- and educated guesses. Anyway, the general idea — and my main point — remains the same.)