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How to Reach a New Audience of 30 Million Listeners with an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill Created in 1 Hour If You Already Have a Podcast (1 Week If You Don’t)

An Alexa Flash Briefing is basically a quick clip of audio, a "micro-podcast", if you will - like, top news headlines, word of the day, inspirational quote of the day, thought for the day, prayer for the day - something that delivers a quick, concentrated dose of value to the listener in a couple of minutes.

Like "Traffic & Weather at the top of the hour" on the radio – quick, short, to-the-point, no fluff, just a concentrated dose of value.

Better Than TV News & Podcasts

"It’s Radio… It’s a Podcast… It’s a Flash Briefing!" (by yours truly).

The goal is to entertain, educate, engage, enrich or help evolve your listener, who’s probably getting ready in the morning to go to work. So as they’re brushing their teeth, showering, getting ready, making coffee, they can say out loud "Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?" and their Alexa-powered device – whether it’s the Echo Spot, Show, Plus, or other – will start playing all of the flash briefings that they’ve "enabled" in their Alexa app (or Alexa web), one after the other, in succession.

So in a way, it’s similar to a podcast, because you basically subscribe to a bunch of Flash Briefings (just like you subscribe to a bunch of podcasts), and you listen to them one after the other, until you hit stop – or in Alexa’s case, you say "Alexa, stop" or "Alexa, cancel". And to skip the current one and start playing the next flash briefing, you would say "Alexa, skip".

But when it comes to the format of Flash Briefings – basically getting quick updates on a whole bunch of things on a whole bunch of topics, all within a short span of time – it can be more powerful than podcasts, because podcasts are not as quick to get into the meat of the content. There are extended intros, small talk, set up talk, announcements and updates, multiple ads or promotions, and so on.

So it’s like a "Podcast on Steroids" (your truly, again :-). And because of the short-form nature of Alexa Flash Briefings, as a listener, they know they can expect maximum value (whatever that "value" you’re promising them in your show’s title and description) in minimum time, minus all the fluff.

And it’s better than regular cable TV news, because there are no extended commercial breaks, chit-chat, teasers or promos of what’s coming later in the show, and so on.

Why Create an Alexa Flash Briefing
I talked about this on Episode #73 of my podcast, titled "Audio and Voice Are The Future, All-In On Audio".

As powerful as video is, Audio can go where Video can NOT go - like when you're driving to work, doing the dishes, in the gym, on a run, walking your dog, cleaning the garage, heck, even when showering!

If you've seen any science fiction movie, you have seen a super-smart voice assistant. The Computer from Star Trek, Jarvis in Iron Man. And that's what is coming soon to a world near you.

Voice is the most natural and most powerful form of communication. Which is why I believe that audio is going to be one of the most powerful tools of the future.

An article from states, "Not since the smartphone has any tech device been adopted as quickly as the smart speaker." And it goes on to say how they expect the number of US smart speaker users to grow at the rate of 47.9% between 2016 and 2020, and end up around 76.5 million. According to Strategy Analytics, sales of smart speakers could top $23 billion by 2023, or according to another company Global Market Insights, it could reach $30 billion by 2024. And according to, "smart speakers, like smartphones, aren’t just about the hardware. They’re about the platform that powers them—in this case, the voice A.I.—and how it shapes users’ behavior.

So, as a content creator, which of these would you rather compete with?

5+ Billion YouTube Videos, or
1+ Billion Websites, or
550,000+ Podcasts, or
just 5,500+ Alexa Flash Briefings?

Audio is about to become the future, so get in now. And that's why I'm all in on Audio.

According to research company Gartner, "By 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen."

2020 is not very far off. So in just a short amount of time, a third of web browsing will happen with just voice, and no screens, no typing. Just talking.

Which is why, it's a great time start thinking about launching a podcast, or at least, a flash briefing, if you don't have one already.

That’s how much I believe in the future of Voice, Voice-assistants, and Podcasts.

And that's why I've written this Kindle book, so you can learn "How to Reach a New Audience of 30+ Million Listeners with an Alexa Flash Briefing Skill Created in 1 Hour If You Already Have a Podcast (1 Week If You Don’t)"

- Ravi Jayagopal
Podcast Host,
Flash Briefing Host,

Co-Founder & Co-Developer, (DAP)

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