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My Presentation at 
Podcast Movement 2018

"How to Create a Premium Podcast & Deliver Patrons-Only Content Using a WordPress Membership Site"

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The video above is Part 1 of my 9-part video series from my presentation at Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia.

The title of the presentation: "How to Create a Premium Podcast & Deliver Patrons-Only Content Using a WordPress Membership Site".

In this presentation, I talk about...

  • How to Deliver Members-Only Audio & Deliver it Securely via a WordPress Membership Site in 4 Different Formats:
    - Player on a Page
    - Downloadable Files
    - Members-Only Podcast RSS, and
    - Mobile App
  • How To Monetize Your Podcast with Video, PDF and Other Listeners-Only Bonus Content
  • How to Build A List of Free & Paid Subscribers and Build a Business Behind Your Podcast
  • Why Sponsorship & Donations are not a scalable, reliable revenue model

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- Ravi Jayagopal

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