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Episode 6: Ravi Interviewed by Steve Kidd

By Ravi Jayagopal | Podcast


In this 6th episode of SubscribeMe, I have a very, VERY special guest.

No, it’s not me interviewing someone else. Instead, it’s ME being interviewed on somebody else’s show 😉

I was a guest on the Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show hosted by Steve Kidd. Steve has an amazingly gentle way of asking great questions, while offering his own perspective along the way. And Steve has a program called “Write Your Best Seller” where he helps you become known as an authority, get on TV, become an amazon best seller among a host of other promotional services. Check out his program by going to Subscribeme.fm/authority/ .

After he interviewed me, I wrote to him and asked him if I could publish the interview on my own podcast to my own listeners. And he very generously agreed. Thanks, Steve!

And now, check out Steve Kidd interviewing one of the most awesome people I have ever met… that’s ME! 😀

– Ravi Jayagopal


About the Author

Ravi Jayagopal is a Business Coach, 8-time Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, WordPress Developer and also an Amateur Ventriloquist :-). Read more about him at https://SubscribeMe.fm/ravi-jayagopal