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Episode 5: Interview with Ryan Lee, Freedym.com

By Ravi Jayagopal | Podcast

Making Content Without Monetizing Doesn’t Go Very Far


In this 5th episode of SubscribeMe, I pick the brains of Ryan Lee, a veteran online marketer from Connecticut, Host of the Freedym show at Freedym.com – and one of the earliest people to start a membership site online.

Ryan started his first membership site in 2001. The previous year, in 2000, I had just moved to New York (from India) with my wife and daughter (my son was born in the US several years later). Ryan has seen the evolution of the Internet Marketing industry, and has launched many successful web sites. He has previously been a writer for Entrepreneur.com online magazine, and lives in Connecticut with his wife and 4 daughters.

On the show, Ryan and I talk about the early Google, the now defunct Goto, ClickBank, Paypal, hustle, “Ask and you shall receive”, the importance of building a recurring-income based business, personality-based marketing, emailing you list without worrying about unsubscribes, how much of yourself should you share with your audience, and keeping your members around for long and reducing churn.

Ryan’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious, so listen to the show and you will get inspired and take home lots of actionable tips.


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